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Parks & Rec for the Entire Family

Murray-Calloway County Parks & Recreation provides plenty of grounds for sports, entertainment, and family fun.

The three parks cover 165 acres of sports fields, gathering areas, playgrounds, and wooded hiking trails.

Bee Creek Park is a soccer complex boating 19 different fields ranging in sizes of 60’x 90′ up to 200′ x 330′.  

Chestnut Park has baseball fields, playgrounds, paved walking trail, picnic tables and pavilions, plenty of parking, and basketball courts.

Over at Central Park you’ll find numerous ball fields, historical exhibits, a dog park, skate park, disc golf, hiking trails, and a public splash park and pool.

The parks are a great place to host youth baseball and soccer sporting events, from a couple of games to a weekend-long, multi-team tournament.

To learn more about Murray-Calloway County Parks & Recreation, visit their site.

Photo courtesy Murray Parks & Recreation.

Local Parks...

Gil Hopson Drive – Murray

  • Splash Park
  • Public Pool
  • Playgrounds
  • Hiking Trails
  • Baseball Fields
  • Disc Golf
  • Dog Park
  • Skate Park
  • Picnic Areas
  • Playhouse in the Park

Chestnut Street – Murray

  • Baseball Fields
  • Picnic Pavilions
  • Basketball Courts
  • Paved Walking Trails
  • Playgrounds

Bee Creek Drive – Murray

  • Soccer Fields
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